In search of the i within

We are a collective of creatives 
exploring new narrative forms 
in multi-sensory environments. 

With 90% of our time spent in built environments,

our sense of wellbeing and connectedness is hugely affected by them.

How about a shared curated environment?

With average 3 hours a day spent on mobile devices, 
our media consumption has become increasingly personalized. 

How about a socio-physical medium?


acoustically resonant dome  |  360° dome mapped projection  |  7.1 surround sound system  |

sub-bass platform  |  wind makers with air filter and heaters 

To connect to ourselves and each other.


Prototype 2.0 will slightly increase in size and optimized for seamless technology integration, frictionless interface, better mobility and ease in production.

Get in touch for partnership and collaboration!

NEW INC Year 6 cohort
As members of NEW INC, an incubator for people working at the intersection of art, design, and technology, we are developing our next level prototype and integration in the Interactive Experiences track.
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