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xix is a portal to different worlds via multi-sensory experiences.

Our mission is to connect, through curated environments, to ourselves and each other.

We hold the belief that surroundings evoke deep feelings and impact our well-being. 


xix is a Multi-User Virtual Interactive Environment (MUVIE) that explores new narrative forms. The installation consists of an acoustically resonant dome, 360º projection system, 7.1 surround sound, sub-bass platform and wind-maker. Our platform is built by tightly integrating existing technologies. 


We are a collective of creatives, technologists and industry professionals. Conceived and founded by Timothy Leung, an architect and installation artist from Hong Kong in Spring 2018. In early 2019, xixcollective joined forces with Mark Alan Johnson, master projectionist and owner of Mojo Video Tech, Inc. 


The collective has successfully created powerful experiences through experimentation and collaboration, including META-7 (an alchemic opera) with sound designer John Sully and Transclassical™ Concert with composer/guitarist Pedro da Silva. 


Currently, we are designing and developing our next-level prototype with a focus on scalability and a model for monetization.

Our vision is to empower self awareness and cultivate a culture of togetherness. 

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