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Timothy Leung is an installation artist with a background in architectural design and fabrication. Leung’s work explores our relationship with and psychology of designed environments emphasizing on light quality, acoustic value, airiness and tactility. His works have spanned from installation structure, Tower Babel (2009), to sound installation for Krug, Carileon (2014), to design installation in Soho retail stores for audiophile, Sonos Flagship (2016), to conceptual design for competitions dealing with issues like rising sea level, moon habitation, parking efficiency, war memorial, local food source and clean water. Leung also uses filmmaking to capture details and textures of environments with both visual and audio in understanding the connection of spaces and their users. He is a member of NEW INC Year 6 cohort at the New Museum and has worked for various artists like Mimi Lien, Kristin Jones, Andrew Ginzel, Do Ho Suh and Sebastien Leon. 

Borned in Hong Kong and with B.Arch at CalPoly SLO, Leung relocated to New York to start his career in Architecture and soon found himself in installation art. In 2018, Leung built a multisensory dome, called xix, to co-create interactive environments with artists using light, sound, smell, wind and vibration.

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