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Tim Leung is an architect, designer and installation artist from Hong Kong. Graduated from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo with Bachelor of Architecture in 2008, Leung moved to New York City to establish his work in architecture and installation art. Notable work include installation structure, Tower Babel (2009) at Burning Man Festival, sound installation for Krug, Carileon (2014) in Paris, installation for Hermès, All About Women (2014), retail stores for audiophile, Sonos Flagship (2016), and Rosenfeld Gallery (2013) in New York.

Leung’s work also includes documentary films, “The Art of Furniture Making” (2014) a story of furniture maker, Santiago Salgado. “Sound of Dance” (2018) captures movement by dancer Mariel Lowe, recorded in binaural sound.

As a creative mind, Leung believes in following his curiosity and had worked for notably set designer Mimi Lien, artist Andrew Ginzel and Kristin Jones, installation artist Do Ho Suh and Sebastien Leon, architect Richard Gluckman and Andrew Bromberg.

In 2018, Leung created XIX Collective LLC, a full sensory installation that captures light, sound, wind, smell and vibration like never before. The Collective is established as a platform for collaboration, a tool for free thinkers and has attracted a number of reputable collaborators.

Tim Leung

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