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META-7 ( an alchemic opera )

“A Sound Designer's guided journey through the inner cosmos”

  • 160 US dollars
  • Homestead

Service Description

_____________________________ Private Group Session available for booking. Maximum 9 people per session. $150 per session + $10 handling fee. Please get in contact to schedule at META-7 (an alchemic opera) is a transformational group experience. The Hue-man being or light being is a resonant body of vibrational energy. The collective immersive experience is fundamental in the META-7 transformational process. The actual alchemic effect begins at the organising of the group soul or Ecclesia. We recommend groups of 7 for optimum Crown Chakra alignment. META-7 (an alchemic opera) Conception and Sound Design by John Sully Video Design by Mojo Video Tech Set Design by Timothy Leung International Sound Artist John Sully teams up with XIX Collective and Mojo Video Tech to present, META-7 (an alchemic opera). Audience members lay on a sub-bass vibrating floor surrounded by a 7.1 sound system inside a 360° video mapped dome. The story is about all of us. Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go after? Very much inspired by Sully’s album listening parties when he was a kid in the 70s, META-7 is a gesture towards the sacred and mysterious through a deep immersion of sound, light and architectural design. Chakra Guided Awareness Meditation with Solfeggio Frequencies RED : Muadhara : Earth : Liberation of Fear and Guilt : 396hz ORANGE : Swadhisthana : Water : Facilitating Change : 417hz YELLOW : Manipura : Fire : Transformation and Miracles : 528hz GREEN : Anahata : Air : Connecting Relationships : 528hz BLUE : Vishuddha : Sound : Consciousness Expansion : 741hz INDIGO : Ajna : Light : Awakening Intuition : 852hz VIOLET : Sahasrara : Consciousness : 963hz Narratives Apollo 7 Lift Off The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People The 7 Last Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross The Ancient Mystery Systems of 7 The 7 Hermetic Principles The 7 Petitions Of The Lord's Prayer 777 Lucky JackPot The 7 Dwarfs Space Balls Original Music by John Sully Also featuring; Peter Gabriel : Heart : Led Zeppelin : Rush : Blondie : The Beatles : Pink Floyd Prince : Queen : Muddy Waters : The White Stripes BE PREPARED TO BE STROBED Show contains intense light, sound and vibration. Please arrive 10 minutes before show. Show starts on time and we do not accept latecomers.

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  • Homestead, FL, USA

    + 4155098439

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