is science|art, thinking|feeling, both human|nature. 

         is experience that transcends. 

         is ﹡. 


﹡Omitted matter

         is a curated environment. Conceived as a getaway from the city, it was created to restore and rejuvenate. Engaging senses with subtle cues, 

         creates a boundless world straddles between dreams and memories. 

         is a multi-dimensional medium. The dome that allows for atmospheric acoustics, full peripheral visual, assisted cross breeze with integrated scents and haptic platform that captures and evokes the senses.

          is a collective. More than a platform for collaboration, it believes in gestalt, 

an organized whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Contrary to VR’s anti-social experiences,            creates shared experiences, invented by and for creatives to co-create. 

© 2020 by XIX Collective